State Senator Charles Perry wants the Legislature to reduce the number of teams that are allowed to make the playoffs. According to KFYO News, Perry wants only two teams per UIL district to move on into the playoffs.

State Senator Charles Perry has filed a bill that would limit the amount of high school teams to make University Interscholastic League playoffs by allowing only two teams from each UIL district to advance.

“Current UIL rules allow 50 to 74 percent of football teams to make the playoffs,” said Perry. “This not only devalues the hard work of the first and second place teams in a district, but it costs our school districts thousands of dollars that could be spent in the classroom… Some schools in my district are spending an upwards of $8,000 per playoff game.”

Perry said Senate Bill 237 will inspire increased competition and cut school district costs involved with playoffs which can include travel for the team, band and cheerleaders.

Earlier this year, the Houston Scarborough football team made their UIL playoffs despite their 0-10 season, a first for the state.

The change would only impact team sports like football and basketball. What do you think about Perry's bill? Should we further limit how many teams can make the playoffs? Let us know in today's KFYO Poll of the Day.