I don't know about you, but at our house we love saving money. When it comes to groceries though, we never clip coupons. That means that in the past we haven't saved money when we go to United to shop. That can all change now thanks to United Supermarkets and technology.

Brenda Duby with United Supermarkets joined me in studio today for Nutrition Weekly to talk about the new Scan and Save program. Duby says the program is easy to participate in.

Download the United Supermarkets app, open the Scan and Save option, and when you see the Scan and Save tag, just wave your phone over the barcode. Your coupon will automatically be added to your account. When you check out, just punch in your rewards account number and your coupons will be ready to use.

Say goodbye to clipping coupons! Scan and save money today at all United Supermarket locations!

About the sponsor

The United Supermarkets Family is making healthy shopping easier by helping you build a better basket. Find out more at United Supermarkets’ official website