Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. Rick Perry's decision

It seemed like it was all over for Governor Rick Perry. After his loss in Iowa on Tuesday, Perry told supporters that he would be heading back to Texas to reassess his campaign. That must have been one short trip because by noon on Wednesday we all found out that the Governor was heading to South Carolina. In my opinion, Perry made the right decision.

Right now, conservatives are drooling over Rick Santorum but I believe that will end soon. Add in the fact that Michele Bachmann has ended her candidacy and Newt Gingrich is slipping away, Rick Perry could be in the perfect position to rebound and take on Mitt Romney. We all know that Rick Perry can raise money and if he can convince donors that he can challenge Romney in South Carolina and become the conservative alternative, his war chest will expand.

Personally, I still believe that Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination, but don't count Rick Perry out just yet.

2. Police kill 8th grader (link)

A 15-year-old student in Brownsville is dead after he brandished a gun at school and then "engaged" police officers.

The Associated Press says that the eighth grader at Cummings Middle School “engaged” officers in a main hallway of the school, causing officers to shoot him just after 8 a.m. Wednesday.

The teen brandished the weapon shortly after classes began, causing the 750 student school to go into lockdown. It is not yet known if the student fired any shots, nor why he brought the gun to school. No others were injured during the incident.

I'm sure more will come out on this story, but if a kid pulls a gun on a police officer, I have no problem with the officer shooting the student. To those who think 15-year-olds can't do damage, you obviously have a lot to learn about the real world.

3. Dumb story of the morning (link)

Here is your dumb story of the morning regarding Facebook.

1. Posting a photo of a corpse.

December 2010: Former New York EMT Mark Musarella pleaded guilty to charges of misconduct and disorderly conduct for posting a picture of a strangled woman to Facebook after he responded to an emergency call in Staten Island, the AP reports. Musarella avoided jail but lost his EMT license, according to Staten Island Live.

2. Posting your plans to rob a bank.

April 2011: Houston police tracked down and arrested four suspects in a bank robbery case after finding Facebook posts by bank tellers that read: “Get $$$” and “WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDEREDS [sic],” the Houston Chronicle reports,

You can read the rest of the list on the link above.

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