On Thursday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Erick Erickson, CNN contributor and editor of RedState.com, talked with Chad and Rex about Mitt Romney's all but official run for the White House.

When asked whether Romney can rally people to vote for him, Erickson noted that the social conservatives and evangelicals will be a key group in the elections, and that Romney will have to work to get them to side with him.

"When you have a massive black turnout for Barack Obama, and he wins them by 90%, you need as many Christian evangelicals turning out to offset that for Mitt Romney. He needs to not take social conservatives for granted."

Erickson said there are a number of things Romney needs to do to help secure the evangelical vote. He said that Romney should talk about life issues, go on record about policy issues, and surround himself with people that evangelicals identify themselves with.

Erickson also talked about potential vice-president candidates for Romney. He said he would like to see Marco Rubio or Virginia's Bod MacDonald as a VP, and that whoever Romney picks for his running mate could have a noticeable effect on the number of votes he'll get.