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1. Obama is more unpopular than Bush! (link)

Well, this is an interesting piece of news. President Obama was supposed to be the one person that could make those in the Middle East like the United States. President Obama has even tried to reach out to those in the Arab world, but it looks like his plans backfired. Shocking, I know. According to a report:

Killing Osama bin Laden also contributed to the Arab world’s negative views of Obama. In all six countries surveyed – Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, the UAE and Saudi Arabia – the majority of respondents said killing bin Laden made them “less favorable toward the U.S.” Notably, in Egypt, only 2 percent said the al Qaeda leader’s death made them view America more positively.

Most surprisingly, Obama’s approval ratings are even lower than President Bush’s before he left office in 2008. They dropped from 26 percent to 12 percent in Morocco, 9 percent to 5 percent in Egypt, 16 percent to 10 percent in Jordan and 22 percent to 12 percent in the UAE (though they did improve in Saudi Arabia, and tick up slightly in Lebanon).

Well, maybe now that NASA has some free time they can finally work on getting those in the Middle East to like us.

2. Is Rick Perry a Confederate? (link)

Salon must be bored trying to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin, because they are now going after Rick Perry and his confederate past. Seriously. This from the people at Salon:

A 1998 voting guide published by a leading neo-Confederate group and obtained by Salon not only endorses Perry for lieutenant governor but also describes him as "a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans." Perry's office did not respond to a request for comment about the governor's possible membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Oh geez, come on folks. He was endorsed by some group out there. So what? There is no evidence that he hates the United States and is ready to form the Confederacy 2.0.

That article however, isn't the dumbest one I found...

3. Everyone loves Obama (link)

WARNING: This story may cause you to become sick!

Esquire has a piece out called, How Can We Not Love Obama? The tag line says, "because like it or not, he is all of us". Still with me? Check out some of these portions of the story;

Because twenty years from now, we're going to look back on this time as a glorious idyll in American politics, with a confident, intelligent, fascinating president riding the surge of his prodigious talents from triumph to triumph. Whatever happens this fall or next, the summer of 2011 is the summer of Obama.

I'm not done yet, hang in there...

Due to the specific nature of his political calculus, possibly not a single person in the United States — not even Obama himself — agrees with all of his policies. But even if you disagree with him, even if you hate him, even if you are his enemy, at this point you must admire him.

I only wish this was satire.

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