Today the AP retracted an alteration to a quote from the President in which Obama incorrectly said that Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston were ports in the Gulf of Mexico.

The AP inserted its own words to make it seem as if Obama had mentioned the ports in comparison, not as he actually did, listing what he thought were gulf ports.

Many media sources give Liberal figures these kinds of help very frequently.

We all know that all politicians make gaffes; most of which are innocent and rather funny, but what isn’t funny is how the media spotlights the gaffes made by right wing figures and gives them a negative light while ignoring or smoothing over the ones made by left wing figures.

Anyone see how the media would talk about President Bush’s gaffes for days, but almost ignore those made by President Obama?

This is not only annoying for those that want fairness in news reporting, it also discredits the media and political figures as a whole.

Even those that wish to not admit the media bias, I believe, notice the double standard on some level.

We know we are not being given a fair depiction on what our leaders are doing and saying.

When something as small and simple the reporting is biased and untrustworthy how can we trust any politician, no matter how honorable or corrupt?

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.