1.) States who elected GOP Governors in 2010 have seen drops in the unemployment. (link)

From Examiner.com,  "Voters in 17 states elected new Republican governors in November 2010. This new breed of fiscally-conservative, tea party-supported Republican governors took office in January 2011."

Here is a video of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at a Small Business Summit in Green Bay last year. The main idea for the people in attendance were solutions that don't involve government intervention.

2.) A Wall of Aggies shield Westboro heretics from Military Funeral in Bryan. (link)

For all of the grief that Aggies receive for worshipping dogs, abandoning years of rivalries with UT, Baylor and Tech, they deserve the utmost respect for the blocking the heretics from Westboro Baptist Church from Kansas. 500 Aggies showed up forming a human wall. The funny thing is, Westboro thankfully didn't show up after hearing that would be challenged like this and let Lt. Colonel Roy Tisdale be laid to rest last Thursday. Gig 'em, Aggs.

3.)  Phase Four of the Marsha Sharp Freeway is near completion. (link)

After eight years of construction we can see the light at the end of this tunnel.

4.) School in Sweden tells a lesbian student to not be so gay. (link)

Tolerance might have hit its apex in Sweden. The southern Swedish school told a lesbian student to not to be so gay. Seriously.

From the story,

"According to the girl's report, the incidents began when she was assaulted in 2010 by a fellow student who had hit her in the head, causing a minor head fracture.

“She threatened to shove pliers into my eyes and then she took hold of the pliers and delivered three hefty hits against my temples and the area close to my eyes,” the girl wrote in the report.

When she later consulted the school about the incident, teachers told her it was all her own fault.

According to the report, the school told her:

“You’re the one to blame. It was your own fault. You provoked her,” adding that she should have “just hit back.”

Yikes. Has tolerance and acceptance reached a point in Europe where heterosexual and homosexual students are asked to not be pansies? I doubt it, but this is definitely a story to think about as this will undoubtedly happen in America.