CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — As he celebrates his win in the New Hampshire primary, Mitt Romney is focusing on the themes that he intends to use against President Barack Obama.

Romney told supporters that the nation's middle class "has been crushed" in the past three years. He said the nation's "debt is too high and our opportunities too few."

In advance of the vote count, Romney's rivals were hoping only to limit his margin of victory, with some suggesting that anything short of 40 percent would be a setback for him. With about half the vote counted, Romney had 37 percent of the vote, followed by Ron Paul with 23 percent and Jon Huntsman with 17 percent.

With Romney and Paul clearly running one-two in the polls leading up to New Hampshire, third place appeared to be the best that any of the others could hope for. And Huntsman told supporters that his third-place finish showed that he's "in the hunt."