Monday on the Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak discussed where Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, as well as Governor Rick Perry stand in the conservative field.

Mackowiak described Cornyn as a candidate after Cornyn announced his intention to run for reelection, introduced by Perry. Mackowiak supports Cornyn because he is conservative. He said, "If Ted Cruz is your standard, John Cornyn is never going to meet your standard." He believes it is positive to have two Senators focused on different issues, with different styles. Although he still thinks Cornyn will not encounter a realistic opponent, it would help his campaign to do more outreach.

Regarding the New York Times article by Ross Rasmey that suggests Perry is moving toward the middle, Mackowiak doesn't completely disagree with the suggestion, but says it is a much more slight movement. He observes that Perry "wants to differentiate himself, in Texas and nationally, from Ted Cruz." Mackowiak noted that Perry has been making efforts to re-brand his image, but not drastically.

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