This evening Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson took to Facebook to put distance between the Lubbock City Council and the comments made by Councilman Victor Hernandez on Wednesday February 26.

On his Facebook page Mayor Robertson posted the following message:

I try to keep my personal feelings about state and national candidates to myself because I do not think it is right to attempt to use the influence of the Mayor's office to sway votes. I must however, be able to work with the Governors office, regardless of who occupies it. As a result of actions and comments made at Greg Abbot's appearance in Lubbock this week, I sent the Attorney General the following message.

General, this is Glen Robertson, Mayor of Lubbock, Texas. I wanted to contact you to apologize for the comments of a Lubbock City Council Member during your recent visit to Lubbock. This Council Member does not speak for the Council, the City of Lubbock or for the citizens of this great city. Our local government is non-partisan and I find it troubling that a Council Member would attempt to use his influence as an elected official to personally attack you. I am especially upset about the verbal attacks made against your wife. Please understand that the vast majority of Lubbock citizens do not share his views and definitely do not share his lack of civility or his unprofessional method of attacking those who do not agree with his politics. Thank you for your service to all Texas citizens and good luck in your upcoming election.
Glen C. Robertson

The Mayor was speaking about the comments made by Councilman Victor Hernandez this past Wednesday. Those comments included these quotes:

"Yesterday, Greg Abbott came into our house uninvited," Hernandez said. "Wanting to somehow give the illusion that the Lubbock County Hispanic Community is supportive."

And when talking about Abbott speaking at the Jimenez Bakery:

"He's using props, really, in my viewpoint is disrespectful to our community," Hernandez said. "What he needs to do is go beyond the props of a background of a Mexican restaurant, and actually come to our community."