On Tuesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Mayor Glen Robertson talked with Tom Collins and guest host Sondra Ziegler to discuss the events of last night's city council meeting.

At last night's special session, the council not only voted to dismiss complaints made by city Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld against Councilman Victor Hernandez, but also vote to terminate Dumbauld's employment immediately.

Concerning the vote to dismiss Dumbauld's complaints, Robertson said he voted against it because the council has no jurisdiction over its individual members. However, the measure still passed 5-2 last night, with Robertson and Mayor Pro Temp Karen Gibson voting against it. Robertson then explained the process behind Dumbauld's termination.

"The next motion was made by Ms. Joy to terminate Ms. Dumbauld's employment as city manager from the City of Lubbock effective immediately. There was a second for that, the vote was 4-3 with myself, Ms. Gibson and Floyd Price voting in opposition. In our world, 4 votes is it, so the minute those votes were tabulated, Ms. Dumbauld's employment was terminated."

The city council will hold another special meeting this Friday, July 19th, to name an interim city manager and to begin the process of finding a new permanent city manager. Robertson added that, while he didn't have a particular candidate for city manager in mind, he couldn't speak for the rest of the council.

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