Sandy Janssen signed a lease with R&P Properties in March for a home in Lubbock. Jannsen soon found out there was black mold, structural damage and bed bugs in the house.

The house, located on the 1900 Block of 38th street, is disgusting, Janssen said. She agreed to do minimal repairs to the house, but then realized the problems were much worse than expected.

"I'm getting bit all along by bed bugs," Janssen said [quote via Everything Lubbock]. "They're coming out of base boards, coming out of the walls. Front bathroom gots black mold, it does not have a floor. The wall, you can see pipes, you can see all of that and he will not fix it."

Attempts to contact the landlord have gotten Janssen nowhere, and she's apparently not the only renter to have problems with the home. The next door neighbor told KLBK that she's seen many people come and go with similar problems.

Janssen said she received an eviction notice and has moved out of the house.

[via Everything Lubbock]