On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman Carl Tepper joined Chad Hasty in studio to discuss some of the big issues affecting the Republican party.

Looking forward towards the governor's race, there has been some speculation that Governor Rick Perry could be running against his friend, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Tepper said that he'd rather not see the two run against each other, since they have both done a lot of good for the star of Texas, but he did admit it would be a great fight in the primaries. However, he warned that, regardless of who's running, the Republicans of Texas cannot tear themselves apart.

"The Republican Party needs to be careful of tearing ourselves apart too much...Texas is pretty red right now. Can is change? Yeah, it can change on a moment's notice. That's why I'm always lecturing the party here that we are the offsetting feature of the state that keeps the state from going purple or blue. "

Tepper also gave his opinion on school budgets, saying that people need to "stop whining" about non-existent budget cuts and focus on teaching the children. He also gave his thoughts on the immigration bill and yesterday's State of the State address.

Next week, the Lubbock County Republican Party will feature General Greg Abbott as their keynote speaker for their Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner on February 8th. Railroad commissioner Barry Smitherman will also be speaking at the event. For more information on the dinner, and the latest news from the Lubbock County Republican Party, visit their website at lubbockgop.org.