On this week's edition of The Matt Crow Show on KFYO, District 1 Lubbock City Councilman Victor Hernandez spoke with Matt Crow to share his thoughts on some of the major local issues in Lubbock.

Hernandez has been in politics for over 25 years, and said that overall, the Hispanic community has been improving in Lubbock. He also commented on the apparent divide between North and South Lubbock. Hernandez said that there isn't so much "tension" between the two areas as there are "distinctions," and that those distinctions are not just focused on race and ethnicity.

"I think you can say that there are definite distinctions based on socioeconomic factors, based on the age of the city in those areas and the infrastructure and the housing. There are some folks who would like to say it only has to do with race or ethnicity, but it goes further and deeper than that."

Hernandez also discussed plans for a possible outer Loop in Lubbock, saying that the project has the potential to bring much needed traffic and development to the outer areas of Lubbock. Hernandez also shared his thoughts on other local issues including LP&L and his District 1 re-election campaign.

Hernandez also briefly talked about the recent fallout concerning comments made about Attorney General Greg Abbott's gubernatorial campaign stop in Lubbock. "I was concerned... and apparently that concern was widespread, not just here in Lubbock, but statewide. That the message being presented was not just negative, and not just hurtful, but destructive," Hernandez said.

He continued, "I will tell you that sometimes you just have to say wait a minute, 'enough is enough'. You do what you want, but let me tell you what I'm thinking, let me tell you what I'm feeling. And if that has any impact then that has impact, if it doesn't, at least I've let you know."

Crow then went on to ask Hernandez if he's spoken to Attorney General Abbott after the controversy. "No," Hernandez said. "I didn't even talk to the A.G. beforehand."

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