It's almost impossible for me not to think of the United States as a leader globally. Whenever there is trouble in the world, other countries call on the United States to help solve the problem. Whether it's by diplomatic ways or through the military, we are always called upon as the super power to intervene.

Of course there are many in the world and here at home that don't always agree with the use of force, but I don't think that there has ever really been a doubt about America's role in the world.

Until now.

On Friday, President Obama finally announce that the U.S. was going to do something about Libya. It's taken weeks, but finally America has spoken. Of course, we only spoke after the European Union, Arab Nations, and the United Nations spoke out. Obama's lack of leadership has puzzled diplomats all over the world. The lack of leadership has even surprised some here at home. His lack of leadership has even taken a toll on Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who announced that she is done in 2012. According to those close to her, she is tired of dealing with a President who can't make up his mind.

We've all known about the atrocities in Libya, but it took until Friday for Obama to speak out. Where were you Mr. President? Where was your leadership? I know Obama doesn't want to act like George W. Bush and actually lead, but come on.

Respect for the United States is very low, and I can't blame the international community. We are the super power in the world and instead of leading when others turn to us, we look the other way and hope the Europeans will do something.

There is a leadership void in this country. I hope it can be filled in 2012.