This time of year people are in the giving mood. We see people giving to the Salvation Army, Food Banks, and other great organizations that help the less fortunate. Now, it seems that random acts of kindness is the big new trend. According to one news story:

Last Monday, a big-hearted gentleman walked into a Kmart store in Grand Rapids and donated $500 to pay off several layaways.

On Tuesday, another Secret Santa came in with $2,000 to pay off 14 layaways.

Since those two generous gestures, the store has received donations every day since from individuals who wished to remain anonymous of $150 to $300. And what’s more, the giving spirit has spread to other stores in Michigan, and as far west as California.

A Kmart store in Anaheim called the Grand Rapids store Saturday to ask advice on layaway payoffs after someone saw the original story and wanted to pay off $5,000 in layaway tabs.

How cool is that? Other stories have gone on to say that the bills these Secret Santa's are paying off are layaway items like toys and kids clothes. It's good to see kids being taken care of this Christmas. Do you have any examples of someone playing Secret Santa or doing a random act of kindness? Let us know below!