A U.S. Senator from Texas is calling on the White House to release memos regarding drone strikes on American citizens.

Senator John Cornyn called on the Obama Administration to release any Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel opinions specifically regarding the President’s authority to authorize the killing of American citizens abroad during counterterrorism operations.

“The self-described ‘most transparent Administration in history’ owes more of an explanation to the American people on why they can be targeted for execution abroad than legal fluff packaged for and deliberately leaked to the media,” said Cornyn.

A memo from the Justice Department was recently disclosed that says that the Obama Administration does not need evidence of a pending attack in order to launch drones to attack American citizens working with terrorists in foreign countries.

KFYO's Cole Shooter asked Cornyn about his thoughts on the use of drone strikes on American citizens in general.

The main criterion highlighted by the memo is that the target must be involved in ongoing plotting against the United States, according to the Associated Press.