The youngest of the late-night comedy hosts is getting another promotion.  Television and movie industry website reports that ABC will move Jimmy Kimmel Live into the 11:35p EST/10:35p CST timeslot in January of 2013.

Kimmel's show currently starts at 12a EST/11p CST after a 25-minute edition of Nightline. After the change Nightline will air after Kimmel at 12:35p EST/11:35 CST. expounds upon ABC's reasoning for the move:

... ABC’s decision to pull the trigger on the long-rumored switcheroo stems from JKL‘s ratings momentum — Jimmy Kimmel Live was the only late-night broadcast talk show to increase its viewership this past season, its most-watched in 5 years — and it has younger audience, making it appealing to advertisers.

Starting next year, the late-night comedy landscape will be more compressed for viewers. Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, Monday-Thursday at 10p EST/ 9p CST. Conan on TBS from Monday-Thursday at 11p EST/ 10p CST and then three shows after local newscasts on national networks five nights a week at 11:35p EST/ 10:35p CST: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC, The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS and Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC.