We all know that McDonald's isn't the healthiest of places to eat, but they have been trying to put some healthy... or at least healthier items on their menu. We haven't seen it here, but up in New England McDonald's actually has a new fish item on the menu.

The McLobster. For some reason Lobster from McDonald's just doesn't sound that appetizing to me. So, will it make down here to Texas?

Apparently not. Over the weekend McDonald's tweeted that is wasn't going to expand the item on the U.S. menu. So where did the rumor of a U.S. roll out come from? McDonald’s Twitterer replies: “There r a few McD’s on the east coast that may serve it time 2 time-but we don’t have any plans to roll out nationally.”

Thank goodness. I'm not a 100% sure, but I just don't think that the McLobster is 100% Lobster. Honestly, I don't even want to find out.