Yes, this is a serious question. Yesterday KFYO News had a story about Lubbock being ranked as a hot spot for terrorism.

Lubbock has been named a hot spot for terrorism by a recent study examining 40 years worth of domestic terrorist attacks across the country. START, the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, highlighted Lubbock as being a hot spot for right-winged domestic terrorism, namely racially, ethnically or religiously fueled violence.

According to KAMC 28, Lubbock made the list due to an incident in 1994 where a group of men tried to spur on a race war with a series of shootings. The arrest of Khalid Aldawsari was not used as data, because the study does not include instances where authorities prevent the act from occurring.

The study seems off to me. Is Lubbock right-wing? Yeah sure, but I don't believe that makes us a hot spot for terrorism. What do you think? Is there a good chance that Lubbock produces domestic terrorists?