First of all, for this story, the statistics come from the National Weather Service, and keep in mind that the rain gauge used by the National Weather Service did not receive the three inches that you may have received earlier this month.

The National Weather Service has received only .34 of an inch this month, as of Monday.  The official total for the entire year is 1.49, about an inch and a half.  At the same time last year, Lubbock had received 12.49 inches, exactly 11 inches more than this year.  As you may recall, last year was a wet year.

To put it all in perspective, the average annual rainfall for Lubbock, recently revised, is 19.12 inches.  To reach that total by the end of the year, to make this an average year, we need, beginning next week, about one inch of rain every week, until the end of the year.