[Update] 9:47pm

R.C. Cheek has defeated Paul Scarborough for the GOP nomination for Hockley County Sheriff. Cheek won 1709 votes to Scarborough's 1280.

Voting numbers have been given to KFYO for the rare third runoff election for the GOP nomination for Sheriff in Hockley County. Incumbent Paul Scarborough was challenged by R.C. Cheek for the office which has been in tumult due to drug scandals in the office.

The first primary election saw Cheek and Scarborough as the last two in going into the runoff. The runoff showed that Cheek had won by one vote, but a recount had Scarborough winning by a single vote. Judge Ruben Reyes ruled the vote invalid and ordered the third election for September 18th.

Republican R.C. Cheek will face former Hockley County Sheriff and Libertarian candidate David Kenny on November 6th. Kinney was ruled incompetent in 2010 for the drug scandal that involved deputies of the Hockley County Sheriff's Office.

Final Numbers

R.C. Cheek 1709

Paul Scarborough 1280

Early Vote Numbers

Paul Scarborough 796

RC Cheek 1145