A woman in Whiteface, Texas claimed to have seen a mythical chupacabra on a road in Hockley County.

A Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden investigated the purported chupacabra sighting on Road 597 in Hockley County Saturday late afternoon (May 14).

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Aaron Sims, a woman inside a convenience store in Whiteface (west of Levelland) said she had seen saw a creature in the road that "looked like the chupacabras you see in videos online."

Upon investigation, Sims confirmed to EverythingLubbock that the alleged chupacabra was merely a coyote, albeit a large one, suffering from the skin disease mange.

A quick search of Google for 'Texas chupacabra' shows just how widespread belief in the mythical animal is.