Texas Governor Greg Abbott greeted Lubbock residents Tuesday afternoon at a Hastings store, signing copies of his book "Broken But Unbowed."

The Texas governor is currently on a statewide book signing tour, making appearances this week in Midland, Amarillo, Abilene, San Angelo and more.

Gov. Abbott shook hands with citizens and even high-fived a young boy at the Hastings store on 82nd and Slide Road.

"This [book] is about for one, a story of inspiration for so many others. There are people in Lubbock who face challenges, who are inspired by a story about a person who's able to overcome challenges," said Gov. Abbott, adding: "But also it's a book about the challenges we face in the country right now, and solutions that I'm seeking to implement in the upcoming session."

You can see photos from Gov. Abbott's book signing in Lubbock in the gallery below.

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