On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak talked with Chad and Rex about the results of this weekend's South Carolina primaries.

Mackowiak said that Newt Gingrich's commanding victory in South Carolina has changed the entire race. He also said that mistakes made by Mitt Romney may also have contributed to Gingirch's win.

"Romney lost South Carolina more than Newt won it, but Newt obviously, through the power of his debate performances, did himself a lot of good and he's changed the entire race now."

Mackowiak said that in order to get back in the race, Romney will have to go after Gingrich a lot more. He also said that the upcoming Florida primary will be much more important that the South Carolina primary. According to Mackowiak, "If Gingrich wins Florida, all bets all off."