Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Gas Prices are lower in Lubbock and across Texas this week. According to the KFYO News Gas Price survey, the average price for regular, self-serve unleaded in Lubbock is $3.14 per gallon, down 15 cents from last week.

This time a year ago, the average price in Lubbock was $3.13 per gallon. Two years ago, the average price was $2.63 a gallon.

Regionally, Midland’s average checks-in at $3.31 per gallon, a 7 cent drop from last week, while Amarillo is at $3.27, a six cent drop.

According to AAA Texas, the average price of gas in Texas is $3.30 per gallon, down 9 cents from a week ago. Nationally, the average price for gas is $3.50 per gallon.

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the North Atlantic states could impact the price of fuel in the, but not expected to last.