Wednesday on Lubbock's First News, Frank Gutierrez stated he would be turning in the necessary documents and fee to initiate the recount process of votes from Saturday's City Council District 1 election. Becky Garza, City Secretary, described the recount process.

Gutierrez ran against Victor Hernandez and Lana Bear Moore on Saturday. He lost the vote to Hernandez, obtaining only 37.65 percent of the vote compared to Hernandez's 50.59 percent. Gutierrez will filed for a vote recount Wednesday, May 14. He noted that contributors have been found that will cover the cost of the recount fee. Gutierrez said, "We are not wanting to do anything except clarify the matter because it's such a small margin of votes involved and that by doing so we might be able to just get back in the game and cause the runoff." However, initiating the recount process now could delay the swearing in of the new Council member. Gutierrez remains hopeful that the recount will show a change.

Becky Garza described the steps that would be taken once Guiterrez's documents and fee were submitted. She said that first they would decide whether his request is good enough to go forward; if forward motion is decided, they must give all candidates 18 hours notice of when they will begin the recount. All candidates may be present or represented at the recount. She noted that Gutierrez must specify whether he would like a physical or electronic recount to check to see if the original numbers are a match. She also noted this is the first recount they have experienced.

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