A former candidate for the Texas House, Democrat Carol Morgan, tweeted on Saturday the following:

@SarahPalinUSA hope you're happy 2day, ur NUTBAG supporters killed a fine woman & ur "hitlist" website is responsible--ur a HORRIBLE person

First, Rep. Giffords did not die.  Second, this is a perfect example of how looney some on the left have been after the shooting in Tucson. So many bloggers and tweeters (I think that's a word) automatically blamed Palin, the Tea Party, talk radio, FOX News, and anything else conservative. However, they didn't blame the shooter! You know, the guy who planned and carried out the assassination attempt.

It's pretty sad if you ask me. This guy wasn't a Democrat or a Republican. He wasn't left or right wing. He was a nut job and that's how he should be described. No (major) political party in the United States calls for politicians to be killed.

This morning on the show I called for Pam Brink, Lubbock County Democratic chair, to denounce Carol Morgan's words. Morgan still represents the Lubbock Democrats and in some ways, is still a leader. I hope Pam Brink will do this.

After the show, Morgan posted this on her Facebook:

Carol Morgan: Isn't it ridiculous? I don't know why KFYO is so obsessed with me...it is positively laughable. They will do anything to pump up their ratings and get their listeners all "ginned up". This is what they like to do and this sort of behavior is what caused the Saturday incident...

Sigh. Yes, she is now saying that what we do will lead to violence. Part of me thinks that she hopes it will, just so she would be able to say "told ya so".