On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Michael Quinn Sullivan from Empower Texans talked with Chad Hasty about the latest coming out of the Texas legislature.

With the end of the Texas legislative session less than a few weeks away, Sullivan said he was discouraged to see that in a conservative-majority legislature, there has not been a lot of conservative legislation passed. Although there have been some "bad stuff" that did not make it through the legislature, many conservative priorities, such as zero line budgeting and reigning in abortion, are dead after last night's deadline.

"Once again, we've seen a legislative session go by in which, while despite having a near super-majority of Republicans, substantive reforms aren't being done and victory is taking the form of just stopping the bad stuff. We saw that last night, and we've seen it kind of happen all week long."

However, Sullivan added that it wasn't all doom and gloom in the Senate. He said that Governor Rick Perry is finally engaging in the legislature, demanding that the legislature find a way to responsibly fund water projects and make some significant tax cuts. If this cannot be accomplish in the remaining days of the legislative session, Sullivan predicts that the chance of going into a special session are quite high, and that session would be held on Governor Perry's terms.

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