Looks like someone messed up their "math" again.

Judgement Day was supposed to be here on May 21st at 6PM our time and it looks as though we are all still here. Most people made fun of the man behind all of this... no, not God, I'm talking about 89-year old Harold Camping. Camping was wrong in 1994 and he was wrong again in 2011. Camping spent a lot of money advertising that the end of the world was upon us and even convinced some people to sell off all their worldly possessions. Boy, I wonder how those folks feel today.

Part of me feels bad for those that bought so heavily into the May 21st Rapture. It ruined some lives out there, but I've also been a big proponent of personal responsibility so I don't feel too bad. Camping used religion to prey on people and that caused a lot of panic and a lot of hurt lives.

But I wonder, how many people took him seriously? Or did it make anyone pause and go... what if? Vote and comment in our LFN Poll of the Day below.