On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Matt Lewis form the Daily Caller talked with Chad Hasty about how recent scandals may affect Obama's second presidential term.

A number of political scandals have been brought to light this week, from the IRS admitting to unfairly targeting conservative groups, to the Justice Department demanding phone records from the Associated Press. Now, people are beginning to speculate what sort of effect these scandals may have on the president and his second term in office.

Lewis said that, in general, second presidential terms are more troubled than the first terms, but even despite that, Obama's chances at accomplishing anything during his second term were slim to none.

"Historically, second terms are troubled, Richard Nixon being an obvious example. But you got Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, and even Ronald Reagan had to face Iran-Contra, and there are a lot of reasons for that. So President Obama, even before this happened...his prospects of having a lot of accomplishments in his second term were really iffy."

Lewis added that the power of the press may also backfire against Obama. He explained that, although the media has been leaning liberal and seem to love Obama, they also love a good incentive. He speculated that if there is enough incentive to go after the President and his involvement in these scandals, it could mean big trouble for Obama.

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