Court Records reveal that a Louisiana man was extorting a Texas A&M professor that jumped to his death from a campus building in January.

37-year-old Daniel Timothy Duplaisir of Metairie, LA is scheduled to appear in court to face charges that he used an underage girl in an extortion scheme.

Duplaisir is accused of using the underage girl to lure James Arnt Aune, the 59-year-old chairman of the A&M communications department, into a sexually explicit online relationship.

Duplaisir then contacted Aune posing as an outraged father and demanded money in exchange for not reporting the college professor.

Texts found on Aune’s phone revealed Duplaisir’s threats to publicize the sexual online relationship if his demands were not realized.

It is believed that the extortion contributed to the professor’s decision to commit suicide.

Duplaisir is charged with using a phone or internet to extort money.

Information from the Associated Press used in this story