In his  Monday morning commentary on KFYO, Councilman Paul Beane was critical of how Texas A&M reacted to the bus incident last weekend.

“The A&M folks blew the bus incident way out of proportion,” Beane said.  “In fact, they lied through their teeth, and they know it.”

But then, Beane’s commentary focused on Tech fans:

“Two years ago, I watched and listened as Texas Tech fans booed the Aggie band in Jones Stadium.

"I was and am still furious, and voted for Texas Tech football with my feet.  I left.  I’ve not been back in the stands since, and have no plans to return.”

Beane said that , because he is an elected official, once a year he accepts an invitation from the Tech chancellor to be his guest in the chancellor’s suite during the first game of the year.

"My wife and I stay about five minutes, then quietly make our exit," Beane said.