On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked with Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew about the latest issues going on in Washington.

One of the big issues that both Republicans and Democrats are bringing up is Medicare and Medicaid. Neugebauer said that it's about time the country start discussing Medicare seriously, despite the harsh criticism the Republican plan has received from the left. He suggested the Republicans' best response to such criticism is to sit down and compare the Medicare plans for both sides.

"When [the American people] see that that we want to have an open and honest discussion about this, because it's important, and when the see that this administration only wants to talk about "fear and smear," then I think they begin to contrast there."

Neugebauer also gave his opinion of Vice President Joe Biden and his numerous "gaffs" on the campaign trail, most notably Biden's comment to a predominately black audience that the Repbulicans would "put them in chains." Neugebauer remarked that if Biden continues making gaffs like this, he could actually end up being an asset to the Republicans. Neugebauer also talked about Obama pressing his jobs bill, as well as Paul Ryan's progress on the campaign trail.

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