On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News on KFYO, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked about the Supreme Court ruling on Obama's appointments, as well as the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border and ongoing "missing e-mail" controversy.

The Supreme Court recently unanimously agreed that Obama's recess appointments had been unconstitutional. The Supreme Court also has a decision to make on the Hobby Lobby case. Overall, Congressman Neugebauer was very happy with the Supreme Court Decision on the constitutionality of the recess appointments.

The President was noted as complaining about the difficulty involved in passing legislation and performing other actions in government. "Sometimes it's hard to get things done in government, but you know what? The founders actually tried to made it hard because they were very concerned about really whats going on right now," the Congressman said in regard to the President's overreach. The House of Representatives considering filing lawsuits against the President to further use the Judicial branch as a means to prevent the Executive branches overreach.

Talking about the U.S.-Mexico border, Congressman Neugebauer identified two problems. First, and most obvious, is the huge number of kids needing to be processed. However, this has been "a great thing for the drug cartel and people who are smuggling and traficking people," and "why we have the border people all tied up taking care of children, the bad guys are coming in in other areas." In addition, by allowing the kids that have made it to stay, Obama is encouraging more children to make the dangerous trip across the border.

Obama has requested 2 billion dollars to improve the situation along the border. Congressman Neugebauer stated "I think if we are smart, we will be very targeted about what he can use that money for and then establish some metrics on how to measure the effectiveness of it and to have the proper oversight."

Discussing the million dollar bounty on the "lost emails" of Lois Lerner, Congressman Neugebauer stated that there is a lot of "movement there in Congress to pressure the administration to put together a special prosecutor and investigate this because it is just not passing the smell test here. Some of the things are just too coincidental and I think the American people deserve to know exactly whats going on here."

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