On the Wednesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Congressman Randy Neugebauer called in to discuss the impact of last night's passage of the "fiscal cliff" bill.

Last night, the House passed a bill that will raise the tax rate for individuals making over $400,000 in an effort to avert going over the fiscal cliff. Neugebauer voted against the measure, saying that all the bill does is raise America's deficit and did not address the real problem of spending. Although the measure did reinstate the Bush-era tax cuts, Neuegbauer argued that tax cuts are pointless if you have to borrow money to get them.

"It's not really a tax cut if you're going to go borrow the money. Basically, it's like a person who's living off their credit card and all of a sudden they decided the way to take care of their spending problem is to go open a savings account. So they're going to go borrow the money to put in their savings account. We can't keep kicking this can down the road."

Neugebauer said that there are still a few measures Republicans can take in tackling the real issue of spending, such as not voting to increase the debt ceiling. He also gave his thoughts on House Speaker John Boehner, saying that although he is "adequate" at best as a speaker, given the choice between Boehner and Nancy Pelosi, he'll put his vote behind Boehner.

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