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The Whitehouse, Texas Police Chief, City Manager and three other police officers have been suspended after a particularly wild night out.

The city of Whitehouse is just south of Tyler, Texas. With a population of just over 7,000, it's the kind of town where everyone knows everyone.

What happened last Thursday almost needs a flowchart to follow the events. Thanks to KYTX and their sources, we have a general idea what happened. It's not pretty.

The sources remain anonymous out of fear they'll be reprimanded, but they claim it all started when Police Chief Craig Shelton, City Manager Kevin Huckabee and an unidentified third person started drinking together in the early evening last Thursday (May 14). One source told KYTX: "They definitely got lit up."

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At some point, the trio allegedly decided to visit Jessica Johnson, the recently separated wife of Whitehouse officer Shawn Johnson. She had just moved into a new apartment after the separation.

Sources say the people in the group that had been drinking texted her and asked if they could see the new apartment. Shelton drove there intoxicated in his city vehicle. She assumed they were with her husband Shawn; apparently the separation was fairly amicable. According to the report, this is when things got out of hand.

While at the apartment Police Chief Shelton made sexual advances towards Johnson, which she resisted. He apparently came to his senses, and the group left her apartment.

City Manager Kevin Huckabee went back to City Hall where he was recorded by police officers when they suspected he was intoxicated. At this time Shelton went home, got out of his uniform and returned to Johnson's apartment.

By now, Johnson had informed her husband, officer Shawn Johnson, of the situation. The report says when the police chief arrived there was a physical altercation and one of the sources says Officer Johnson "beat the (expletive) out of him."

The Texas Rangers were called to the scene. After the dust, settled the Police Chief, City Manager, officer Johnson and two other officers were suspended pending an investigation.