Thanks to all the listeners that stopped by Heroes and Legacies this past Saturday while we were on the air. We always have a great time at Heroes and having a good crowd come out makes it even better. It was great hearing you guys get on the air and talk to us off the air about your favorite cigars.

We had people smoking all kinds of cigars and many who came in to purchase and enjoy their cigars later in the day and over the weekend.

And of course, thanks to our friends at Heroes and Legacies for having out on Saturday.

This week, Heroes and Legacies will be having another great cigar event featuring AVO Cigars. The event will be Thursday at the 82nd and Quaker Kingsgate North location and Friday at the 16th and University store. Be sure to stop in and tell them thanks for having the Chad Hasty Show and KFYO out there. They like hearing that sort of thing.

During the show on Saturday I smoked the AVO Heritage, which you can pick up on Thursday or Friday. It was a fantastic smoke that wasn't overpowering at all. The cigar had a very nice draw and burned evenly. It had nice cream and cocoa hints throughout the smoke. One of things I enjoyed about the Heritage was the spice that I could pick out throughout the entire cigar. Don't get me wrong, it's not a lot of spice, but just enough to be enjoyable.

So be sure to go by Heroes and Legacies this Thursday or Friday for the AVO event. Or go by Heroes whenever you want and just pick up a cigar and tell them we said hello and thank you.