The "politically correct" police strike again, threatening to ruin Christmas for everybody. Their target this time? Christmas decorations on school buses.

Tri-Board Student Transportation Services in Canada sent out an E-mail banning Christmas decorations on school buses. Transportation supervisor Brenda Clark said in the E-mail that any bus seen with Christmas decorations, either on the inside or outside of the bus will be considered a "breach of contract," and will not be allowed to leave the yard. Several bus drivers are disappointed with the ban on Christmas decorations and would like to see it removed.

Again, this is something I could see happening here in the U.S. After all, we've gotten so paranoid about offending people of other religions, I wouldn't be surprised if someone pulled a stunt like this. Seriously, all these stories of people trying to be "politically correct" and "non-offensive" is really starting to kill off my holiday cheer.