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Wendy Davis and Mental Issues

Wendy Davis once sued the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. Why? Basically because they didn't play nice. On top of that, Davis claims that the Star-Telegram damaged her mental health according to RedState.

The Democrats intent on taking back Texas were so desperate for a hero, they turned to pink clad Wendy Davis with, as Vogue described her, “Barbie-doll looks”. They might live to regret that.

Back in 1996, Wendy Davis lost an election for the Fort Worth, TX City Council. After the election, she sued the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the local newspaper, for defamation. In short, Davis did not like being criticized by the media (something she won’t have to worry about this go round), so she sued for those criticisms claiming they defamed her.

The Texas Court of Appeals and then the Texas Supreme Court both threw out her case. But it is worth noting that Davis, in making her case, claimed that the nasty newspaper, by virtue of criticizing her, damaged her “mental health.”

More worrisome regarding her mental stability, Davis sued the newspaper months after losing her city council and claimed that she “ha[d] suffered and [was] continuing to suffer damages to her mental health.”

Think about that. The best candidate the Texas Democrats could find to run is a lady who admits in open court that a newspaper editorial caused her mental health to be damaged.

The best thing the Republican Party in Texas might just be Wendy Davis running for Governor. She is only known for being pro-late term abortion and now we find out that she filed a junk lawsuit against a newspaper. And why? Because they criticized her!

Massengale vs Perry?

There have been rumors about this for a while and last night the AJ reported that Steve Massengale, President of the LISD Board of Trustees is considering a run against Rep. Charles Perry in District 83.

“Nothing against Charles, in fact Charles and I discussed it and there is mutual respect between the two of us,” Massengale said. “It is just that I have a strong interest on public education and other issues and we are heavily considering it.

“I don’t know that this was on my radar, but after a series of discussions with other people, I found the support for the run staggering,” Massengale added.

Perry confirmed he and Massengale discussed the possible challenge and said if the school board president decides to run he will welcome it because “it is part of the process.”

Massengale may care about education but what about fiscal restraint? When it comes to LISD and spending, I've seen no restraint there at all. Just spend, spend, spend. Massengale will reportedly decide in the next two weeks on a possible run.

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