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Cruz Picking Up Money and Support

According to the Dallas Morning News, Ted Cruz isn't making things any easier for Rick Perry. Cruz has raised close to $900,000 from some of the same donors who donated to Perry's 2012 campaign. Those same people have only donated a little over $370,000 to Perry this time.

Cruz isn't just raising money though, he is connecting with a lot of potential voters.

With $14 million, Cruz’s campaign has raised more than any other Republican–he was the first candidate to officially declare, which gave him a head start on fundraising–and he’s dominated the market for Texas donors, according to National Journal.

Cruz wraps up southern bus tour

Cruz capped off his southern bus tour last week, drawing beyond capacitycrowds through Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. The tour was meant to rally conservatives behind his campaign ahead of the “SEC Primary,” a cluster of southern states voting earlier than usual, which Cruz considers a “firewall” for his candidacy.

“Anyone who wants to win the nomination had better try to compete in the SEC primary, because any candidate who comes through Super Tuesday and gets blown out is likely to suffer a fatal blow,” Cruz told Politico. “Right now there are very few other candidates investing the time, there are very few other candidates putting in place the leadership teams, the grass-roots organizations” in the South.

It’s friendly territory for Cruz and his brand of staunch conservatism. The outsize importance of the southern primaries bodes well for Cruz’s candidacy, which is gaining traction in polls after the Aug. 6th primary debate.

And building support in the region could help Cruz tap into some of its natural resources: oil and gas money.

Oklahoma, where Cruz campaigned last week, is home to a booming energy industry, which is traditionally friendly to Republicans. 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney pulled $4 million of the $6 million in Oklahoman political donations in that year.

Cruz met last week with about 100 people at the “Wildcatters Club,” the political arm of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, according to the Associated Press. 

Ted Cruz is one of the Republican candidates that is on fire right now. He is sticking to his message and not has not been distracted by the what ever news Trump has been making. It's been a winning strategy so far and things continue to look up for Cruz.

More Clinton Emails

According to FOX News, more than 300 emails that Hillary Clinton sent or received on her own private email account and server have been flagged as potentially classified.

The number of Hillary Clinton emails flagged for potentially classified content has grown to more than 300, Fox News has learned -- with the potential to grow even more as officials scramble to screen the documents.

The State Department revealed the updated count in a federal court filing, which pertained to Clinton emails sent to other agencies for review. An official familiar with the investigation confirmed to Fox News that, as referenced in that filing, the department has recommended 305 of Clinton's emails be sent to various agencies for review to see whether they contain classified information.

The number could continue to rise as officials comb through more documents; the past three State Department releases have contained a total of 63 classified emails to date.

Clinton's presidential campaign has insisted she never exchanged emails marked classified at the time while secretary of state. "She viewed classified materials in hard copy in her office or via other secure means while traveling, not on email," campaign Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said in an email to supporters last week.

But the steady trickle of information about sensitive details crossing her server, which she only recently gave to the FBI, has complicated her presidential bid.

On the trail, she recently tried to downplay the controversy with a joke. "By the way, you may have seen that I recently launched a Snapchat account. I love it, I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves," she said.

Asked about the quip in an interview with Fox News on Monday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said, "Her arrogance is breathtaking."

"I worked for the federal government for seven years as a U.S. attorney. It was made clear to all of us when we walked in the door, official business is done on your official email account," said the GOP presidential candidate.

Why she may continue to joke around about the matter, numerous polls show that more and more voters are finding her to be untrustworthy. Things continue to be rocky at Clinton Headquarters and if Vice President Joe Biden were to jump into the race, she could be looking at even more problems.

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