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1. July 1 (link)

Will Governor Rick Perry run for another term as Governor? It's the question many are asking and now we know that he will make an announcement soon.

And it looks like we’ll get an answer before July 1, according to this story from Bloomberg about Perry’ job-poaching swing through the East Coast this week.

Perry, who is also considering another run for president, had previously said he planned to announce his future political plans this summer and some have been expecting word to drop any day.

Already the longest-serving governor in Texas history, Perry on Wednesday also left the door open for a potentially larger campaign announcement in the future, another move he’s signaled publicly before.

“Later in the year, if there’s more expansive plans than that we’ll announce at the appropriate time,” Perry said.

So now we along with many lawmakers who are looking to move up in Texas will wait to see what Perry does. I still believe that he and Abbott won't run against each other and all signs point to Abbott running. Will Perry run for President in 2016? As of right now, I think so.

2. Border Security (link)

Today we could hear about a big border security deal that has been reached. The deal could go a long way in boosting the immigration bill's chances in the House.

The Senate’s Gang of Eight and a pair of Republicans are near a deal that would beef up the immigration bill’s border security language and break a major impasse between the two sides, senators and aides say.

Democrats and Republicans are beginning to sell the agreement to their respective caucuses, but if the deal holds, it could put immigration legislation on a glide path to pass the Senate by the end of the month by delivering a large, bipartisan majority of votes.

The emerging deal would soften Republican requests for a strict requirement that 90 percent of illegal border crossers be apprehended to hit a “trigger” toward a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, but would provide an unprecedented increase in border security funding and officers and a guarantee on finishing the fence along the Southern border, sources said.

Sens. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and John Hoeven (R-N.D.), who are negotiating with the Gang of Eight, have briefed their fellow Republicans on the deal and said the reception was “good.”

Details of the proposed compromise are set to be put on paper Thursday with a vote possible next week, Corker said, with both he and Hoeven saying they are hopeful the deal could yield additional GOP votes for the bill, although they declined to estimate how many.

“It does feel very good right now. Both sides are talking, they’re spreading it out among members,” Corker said.

Senator Marco Rubio was on Hannity's show last night on FOX and sounded optimistic about the bill. Given how the immigration debate has gone though, let's wait and see what this actually looks like before saying how great it is.

3. Dewhurst Tweets Upset Some (link)

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has upset a few on the left with a tweet he sent out yesterday.

 Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has said that he’s for overturning Roe vs. Wade and that he wants to end abortions in Texas.

But at least during the public debates on bills about raising the standard requirements of abortion clinics, the Republicans all spoke of it in terms of women’s safety and health.

Sponsors and backers such as Sen. Robert Deuell, a Greenville physician, said the vote should be 31-0 in the Senate because it’s all about improving care.

But Dewhurst left the speaking notes behind the morning after the Senate pushed through sweeping new requirements for abortion facilities on a 20-10 partisan vote.

He went to Twitter to announce that the bill is designed to do exactly what abortion rights advocates said it would do — raise the costs of running clinics so high that 85 percent of them in Texas would have to shut down. He used a mailout from opponents to the bill for his victory lap.

His Tweet:


We fought to pass SB5 thru the Senate last night, & this is why!


In his formal statement immediately after passage of SB 5, that requires facilities where abortions are performed to maintain the exacting standards of surgical centers, Dewhurst was less anti-abortion and more about women’s health.

“The Texas Senate today sent a strong message to Texans about protecting women’s health and preserving human life. In light of the tragic revelations in the trial of Philadelphia’s Kermit Gosnell, these new restrictions on the abortion industry in Texas will save innocent lives and better protect the health of women who make the choice to terminate a pregnancy. It breaks my heart to think of even one innocent life ended by abortion, but until the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, we must continue working to protect the sanctity of life,” Dewhurst said.


UPDATE: Dewhurst has responded, again via a Tweet:


I am unapologetically pro-life AND a strong supporter of protecting women's heath. does both.

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