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1. Rick Perry Wants a Super PAC (link)

When Governor Rick Perry exited the Presidential race he promised that he would continue to fight for conservative candidates, ideas, and for the country. Perry took another step towards that goal of fighting on the national stage on Thursday when the Governor sought permission to create a super PAC.

Rick Perry is asking permission to use the cash he has left in his presidential campaign committee to start a PAC or a super PAC, according to a request filed this week with the Federal Election Commission.

The request, released Thursday by the FEC, also asks whether the Texas governor could use some of the money left in his presidential committee for his Texas gubernatorial campaign committee.

The request – which essentially asks to convert the Perry campaign committee into a PAC or super PAC – does not indicate how much cash Perry has left in his presidential kitty.

But it does suggest that Perry turned his sights toward maintaining a foothold in national politics immediately after dropping out of the race and endorsing Newt Gingrich – though it raises questions about whether his supporters will be willing to fund such an effort.

Smart move by Perry to create a PAC. Remember, Sarah Palin did the same thing after 2008 and raised a lot of money. She has been able to use that money to travel and campaign with and for different candidates. I could see Perry doing the same thing. Perry is still popular among the Tea Party and with much of the Republican party as well.

Still, Perry will come under fire from Democrats and even some Republicans here at home. Many will call on the Governor to focus his attention in one direction. Either focus on the state or on the national landscape.

2. Pools Might Be Saved (link)

So there is a pretty good chance that your pool won't be affected by water restrictions in Lubbock.

The Water Advisory Commission met Thursday morning and voted unanimously to recommend making an amendment to the Stage 2 water restrictions being implemented on April 1st.

The recommendation by the Advisory Commission is to continue with Stage 2 restrictions, but to make an amendment that pools and Jacuzzis not be affected.  Currently, under Stage 2, pools and Jacuzzis are restricted from being drained and refilled after the April 1st deadline.  However, the new amendment would strike that rule, leaving pools and Jacuzzis unaffected.

The City Council will vote on the issue before April 1st and I think it's a smart thing to do. Pools don't really waste that much water. Of course, this does continue to show how silly the debate was a few weeks ago about whether or not to keep the public pools open.

If the council approves the amendment they will save $9,000 dollars by not having to fill up the public pools before April 1st.

3. CNN Cancels Debate (link)

We were supposed to have another GOP debate on March 1st hosted by CNN. Not anymore. First Romney and Ron Paul declined to participate, then Rick Santorum did. Newt Gingrich, who apparently is still running, was the only candidate wanting to debate so CNN canceled.

It makes sense really. Both the Santorum and Romney camps have no reason to debate right now. They are spending their time and money focusing on Super Tuesday and probably don't want to be hurt by "gotcha" questions from the media. Santorum also doesn't want to give Gingrich a chance to get back into the race by giving Newt the chance to have a great debate performance. Right now, no one is paying attention to Gingrich and that's what Santorum wants.

4. Dumb story of the morning (link)

Gov. Chris Christie defends himself and his decision.

Fending off fierce criticism for planning to lower flags at state buildings the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral, Gov. Chris Christie said the late singer is not a role model but has earned the honor as a cultural icon.

Christie said he’s disturbed people are disparaging Houston’s accomplishments because of her troubles with substance abuse.

“This is a disease that some people struggle with and conquer on a day-to-day basis, and some people succumb to it. And I don't believe that that should diminish the other contributions they've made in their life,” Christie said.

“I'm not saying that Whitney Houston is a role model. She's not a role model in that respect, in every aspect of her life. But what she is is a cultural icon in the history of this state,” he said. “I'm disturbed by people who believe ... because of her history of substance abuse, that somehow she's forfeited the good things that she did in her life. I just reject that on a human level.”

Christie is a former board member for the Daytop Village addiction treatment program in Mendham, the town where he lives and Houston also resided. He is also proposing to divert nonviolent drug offenders out of the criminal-justice system into mandatory addiction treatment.

Houston, who was born in Newark and raised in East Orange, died last weekend in a Beverly Hills hotel room. An autopsy report will determine the cause of her death, but prescription drugs were reportedly found in the hotel room where Houston was found underwater in a bathtub.

Between Christie’s national profile and the proliferation of social media, the decision sparked a strong response, mostly negative, in the state and beyond its borders.

“Why is NJ lowering our American Flag to honor Whitney Houston? Are they all mad???” a retired Marine from Southampton wrote on Twitter.

“Shame on you for ordering our flag to be flown half-mass for a singer who od’d!” wrote the wife of an Army sniper. “... Our flag is to be used to honor true American heroes, the ones you just disrespected.”

I like Chris Christie, but come on. There is no reason to lower the flags for Whitney Houston.

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