Gun control, open carry, concealed carry, teachers with guns, if it had to do with guns, we talked about it on the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show.

Not surprisingly, the big topic of the day was guns. Yesterday, President Barack Obama announced his 23 executive orders on gun control. However, Chad said that none of the executive orders, from a national database of gun owners, to doctors being encouraged to ask if their patients are gun owners, would have been able to prevent the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook elementary school. He also added that if Obama really wanted to "protect the innocent," as he said in his press conference yesterday, Obama would take a much different stance on abortion.

Our callers had plenty to say on the issues. Caller Paul remarked that the whole thing wasn't about gun rights, it was about the Constitution and how the liberals can get around it. Caller Dennis also sided with Chad, saying that Obama was double-sided on the issue of protecting children, since he is pro-abortion. Several callers also brought up the issue of open carry, saying that they wouldn't mind if Texas became on a open carry state. Called Todd even said that, once you get used to seeing everyone packing a gun, you feel even more secure.

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