Anna Post, modern etiquette expert and the great great granddaughter of Emily Post, joined Tom and Laura Wednesday morning to talk proper etiquette during cold and flu season.

Post's relation to the famous etiquette author known as Ms. Manners gives her some strong insight into what is and isn't appropriate during a time when people are most prone to getting -- and spreading -- germs.

Post credits schools for doing a good job overall of teaching students proper etiquette to avoid the spread of germs, but admits it's not always easy.

"During flu season when the fevers, the aches, the chills, all of this hits -- extreme tiredness -- it is so easy to forget one's manners," said Post, adding: "Etiquette is really all about consideration whether it's flu or not flu. And frankly, a sign of being considerate is not getting other people sick."

So, should people stay home when they have the flu or power through?

"Flu is so highly contagious, and I think some people want to be the hero and power through, and really this is the time to stay home, make an appointment and see your doctor," she said, explaining that people with the flu should avoid going into work where they could potentially infect the entire office.

Listen to the entire interview with Anna Post in the YouTube video player above.

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