A new Gallup survey may surprise people in both parties. Now that the election is over, confidence is growing among Americans for Donald Trump.

According to Gallup, 51% of Americans are now "more confident" in Donald Trump. That number is close to the same numbers for George W. Bush (54%) and Bill Clinton (53%) after their elections in 2000 and 1992.

The big difference between the three men? Those who are less confident in Trump's ability to serve as President. 40% of Americans are less confident in Trump being able to serve as President. For Bush, that number was 28% with 18% having no opinion while Clinton had 26% looking at him less so and 21% had no opinion. Only 9% of Americans had no opinion on Donald Trump.

As Donald Trump's transition into the White House continues, his numbers could be on the increase as Americans begin to forget about the election and start concentrating on the holidays.