A 33-year-old man was arrested and charged with improper photography or visual recording, tampering with physical evidence and public intoxication.

Myplainview.com reports that Joseph Brooks Potts of Amarillo was arrested over the weekend after the Hale County annual American Cancer Society Cotton Baron's Ball.

According to the report, Potts subcontracted to run the portable bathroom facility at the event. During the event, several women claimed to have seen Potts taking photos or videos from a modified hole in the restroom floor near a toilet.

The women confronted Potts and deputies were called in. He managed to slip away, but was soon located and questioned about the incident.

During the questioning, Potts seemed to attempt to delete items from his phone. He was taken down and arrested at that time.

A search warrant is being acquired to see what is on the phone. Bond has not been set for the tampering with evidence or the improper photography charges, but a $500 bond was set for the public intoxication charge.


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