On Tuesday, August 5,  the Lubbock Police Department and local neighborhood watch organizations fought back against local crime.

A yearly tradition in the hub city, Tuesday's  32nd annual National Night Out event promised to bring about more change in an attempt to increase neighborhood safety.

Having learned from the Lubbock United Neighborhood Association's (LUNA) Toni Spray that more crime tends to be committed on streets with busy cross-through traffic, a simple construction project could yield positive results.

An example of one of these projects is the addition of more cul-de-sacs, a project that has been given the green light according to a statement made to KAMC News by the president of the Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood Association, Bob Chesser.

Chesser indicated the cul-de-sacs will do their part in the reduction of crime in the area, but later added that good communication between neighbors is key in keeping any neighborhood safe.

{Via Everything Lubbock}