A woman eating at China Star in Lubbock claimed she found a worm inside her food. 

The woman, Marisol Vasquez, posted a picture of the worm on Facebook, alleging it was found inside her food at China Star.

Vasquez told KAMC News that when she noticed the bug, she stopped eating and asked to speak with a manager, who took the food away and offered her a refund.

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According to China Star manager Marc Roundtree, a subsequent visit inspectors with the Lubbock Department of Environmental Health turned up no evidence of bugs. However, KAMC secured copies of the Monday inspection which did include eight critical violations of more than 12 total.

Despite the violations, Roundtree was hesitant to admit the worm came from the restaurant's kitchen and cast doubt on Vasquez's story. In an interview with the news station, he said it could have been Vasquez herself that put the worm in the food.

The photo has went viral, making headlines in Wichita Falls. A China Star restaurant there had to clarify that the photo was not taken at their establishment.

[via Everything Lubbock]