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There is a new trend for adults in America, bouncy houses. You read that right, adults, probably mostly young adults are apparently lining up to have fun in what is called Adults-Only Bouncy Houses.

According to the Wall Street Journal adults are renting bouncy houses not just for their kids anymore, but for weddings, birthdays and company parties. There is even an event called Big Bounce America which is a traveling inflatable event that has adults-only sessions. And that's not all. According to the Wall Street Journal, even brick and mortar locations are popping up.

In New England, XtremeCraze’s “indoor inflatable air parks” market to grown-ups: “If you’ve ever watched a bounce house full of kids at a festival or birthday party and thought, ‘I wish they had these for adults,’ you’re in luck.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that the co-chief executive of XL Event Labs which is the parent company to Big Bounce America says that a third of his bouncy house business.

So could Lubbock get an adults-only bouncy house location? Why not? We have multiple spots where one can go in, including the old Bed Bath and Beyond building. It's plenty big enough. Put a DJ in there on a Friday or Saturday night and the college students would probably show up.

There is a downside of adults-only bouncy houses. As the Wall Street Journal reported, adults tend to hurt themselves when bouncing around.

Also in the bouncy house, Eldad Yaniv and Candice Quilty, both 37, said they were there to act like kids for a couple of hours.

“This reminds me of my fifth-grade party,” said Quilty, a flight attendant based in New York City. This time, she wore a fanny pack to keep track of her phone, keys and wallet. “I’ve fallen too many times,” she said.

Nearby, other adults were dunking beach balls into basketball hoops or sitting down for a rest. One woman moonwalked by and cried out, “That hurt my back!”

Only one person had visited the medic tent by the midpoint of the event, for a Band-Aid to cover a scrape, a worker said.

Kmari McCrimmon, a 26-year-old from Upper Marlboro, Md., jumped in an adult bouncy house recently and afterward felt like she had just done a tough workout.

“My thighs were sore, my legs were sore, my back was even sore,” said McCrimmon, who works with people who are disabled.

Bouncy houses were probably made for kids for a reason, but hey, if there is a market for adults with cash to spend, why not see if it works?

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